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Baccarat originated centuries ago in Italy, spreading to France in the 1400s. It was first played by the noble classes and is still regarded as the last word in elegant and refined card play. Today this sophistication remains, but the game is luckily available for many more people to enjoy. It has been popular in offline and online casinos in Australia for many years, and after you have played just one game it will be easy to see why!

We have found and reviewed several of the best online casinos in Australia that offer this great game, and you are sure to have fun as you investigate these options. Check out our guide below before you begin to make sure you get the most from your playing time.

Of the three game Baccarat variations, Punto Banco is the most widely played. It’s a great introduction to the game for beginners, and will help you get familiar with its intricacies. At the start of each round two hands of two cards are dealt. One is called the Punto, meaning Player, and one goes to the dealer, called the Banker or Banco.

Face value is given to the number cards from two to nine, and all other cards have a value of one. The cards in a hand are added to each other, and the ten values are dropped from the total. This means that a hand with a six and a seven will be worth three, and not thirteen. Lower totals are better, so the best possible online Baccarat hand is zero and the worst possible hand is zero.

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Before your cards are dealt you need to place your bet on the round’s outcome. You can bet on a Tie, or on either the Player or Banker hand winning. A hand for either side that totals eight or nine wins the round and is called a natural. A Player hand is said to stand if it is six or seven, and a hand of five or under means a third card must be dealt and added. The rules for a Banker getting a third card are a little more involved. They are determined by the Banker hand, whether a third card was dealt to the Player and what this third Player card was. These complicated rules are always the dealer’s responsibility, and most online casinos in Australia deal third cards automatically whenever they are called for. You can keep all your focus on playing and winning your games.

Your cards are randomly dealt in Baccarat, and there is not much strategy in this aspect of the game. Shrewd planning really comes into play with the bets that you make, which can heavily influence your winnings.

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It is highly recommended that you always bet on calculated odds. A winning Player bet will pay out 1:1, and a winning Banker wager will as well, but with a deduction of 5% for commission. A Tie bet that wins will return a huge 8:1 payout, but comes with a massive house edge of 14.1% and carries such a huge risk that it is actually discouraged. Another general suggestion is to not bet on a string of wins. If this happens, it is best to stop betting until the run is over, or to wager with the run.

The more you play online Baccarat, the more possibilities will open to you and the more complexities you will understand. Check out our reviews for the best places to get started!

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