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In its modern form, Blackjack has been a very popular game in the land-based and online casino in Australia for many years. Its predecessor is thought to have been a French game called Ving-et-Un, meaning Twenty-One, that was popular with the nobility in the 1700s. The sophistication that appealed to the nobility is still seen in the game today, and discerning players across Australia are always looking for new and trustworthy places to play online. To make this easier, we have reviewed the best and brightest sites for your convenience right here. You will really enjoy exploring all your superb options, bit we recommend that you take some time to read our basic game guidelines here first.

The basic rules of the game are quite simple, but they produce complexities and outcomes that will keep you entertained for hours. Its endless fascination is rooted in its superb blend of luck, chance, skill and strategy. You are dealt random cards but can employ shrewd strategic moves to get the most from your hand.

At the beginning of a round each player gets two cards, as does the dealer who represents the house. The game objective is to reach a hand total of twenty-one, or as close to this number as possible without going over it. Aces are assigned a value of eleven or one, and the face cards a value of ten. The number cards carry their face value.

Once players and the dealer have seen their cards they are allowed to draw more from the deck and to try and better their hand total. When you no longer wish to draw more, you are said to stand. Dealers must always draw until their hand total reaches at least seventeen.

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Online Blackjack Australia

Wagers are placed before hands are dealt. If your total is higher than the dealer hand but under twenty-one you have won the round. If lower than the dealer you have lost. If you tie with the dealer and your total is less than twenty-one you may keep your bet. When player and dealer hands are all more than twenty-one, the house wins. A Natural Twenty-One, also called a Blackjack, is the best possible hand in the game and consists of a Face and Ace card. This combination yields an impressive 3:2 return.

As you play and explore Blackjack, you will become more and more comfortable with the game and applying strategy. Refining your game plan can really add to game enjoyment and is greatly encouraged, but you do need to make sure you apply your strategy carefully as any deviation can decrease your winning odds dramatically.

Decisions should always be based on the hand you have been dealt and the dealer’s visible face card. You can use this information to find the odds in any situation, and thus make informed decisions. Card counting is another popular strategy and can be very effective, but demands a lot of practice before you are skilled enough to do it.

The online Australian Blackjack we review usually offer great resources for developing strategy, including tables that provide the odds of every possible situation and tell you precisely how to bet in all of them and card counting guidelines. They also allow you to play free so that you can practice and refine skill.

The more you play Blackjack, the more you will understand and appreciate it. With its combination of luck and real skill, it is sure to remain popular for many more years to come.

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