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This game, blending the instant excitement and anonymity of Pokies machines with the strategy and chance elements that make the original Poker so beloved, has been popular since its introduction in the 1970s. You are sure to love it too, and to help you get the most out of it we have found and reviewed the best online Australian casinos for you to play at and have given you a basic guide to the game right here!

Several variations of the game exist and everyone has their favourite, but they all have the same basic rules. You are allowed to wager up to five coins in each round, and are the dealt five cards which appear on your screen. At this point, skill and strategy come into play as you decide which cards to keep, and which to discard and replace. Your final hand and how much you bet will determine your payout. Traditional Poker hand rankings apply, and each game’s payout table is clearly displayed.

As you play and get familiar with the game’s basic rules, you will find the versions of the game that you most prefer and will be able to refine your own strategy. Besides the basic tips here, you can also find great resources online to help improve your game, including guides at the online Australian casinos we review and fantastic software applications.

Firstly, you need to decide which machine to use as there are usually several available in the online casinos in Australia. Finding the one that gives you the best returns will really boost your winnings, and is greatly encouraged.

Your next strategic decision concerns the wager that you make. It may seem steep, but it is actually more cost-effective to bet the maximum credits if this is possible. Royal Flushes are rare, but are very rewarding when they do come around and usually win five credits. This eliminates the house edge and creates a small advantage for you, so maximum bets at all times are recommended.

Best Video Poker Online Casinos 2024

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Online Video Poker

This is the original Video Poker game and is still a very popular variation in the online casino in Australia, so it’s a great place for beginners to start. In light of this, we have detailed some more specific strategy for this version here.

When you review your original hand and decide what to discard, consider the hand rankings below. They are ranked from best to worst, and in each case you should replace the cards in your hand that are not mentioned in the combination. If you have none of these possibilities, you should exchange all five cards.

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Four cards toward a Royal Flush
  • Full House
  • Three of a Kind
  • Any pair of Jacks or higher
  • Three cards toward a Royal Flush
  • Four cards toward a Straight Flush
  • Any lower-ranked card pair
  • Four cards toward an Open-ended Straight
  • Two unmatched cards of the same suit
  • Three cards toward a Straight Flush
  • A ten card with a King, Queen or Jack of the same suit
  • A single Jack or higher-ranked card

Online Video Poker Australia

Video Poker will satisfy your need for excitement while stimulating your mind at the same time. The offerings at online Australian casinos are truly world-class, so your playing experience is sure to follow suit. Read our reviews and start exploring now.

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